Hand places green onions into neatly packed cooler with various food, soda, and clean ice compartments.

The World’s Best Cooler Accessory with 5 Amazing Features

Funded on Kickstarter!

Fish laid over ice in a neatly packed cooler with beer cans stored in an upright beverage holder

Backyard to Backcountry, JOEE's Got Food & Drinks Covered

Funded on Kickstarter!


The perfect organizer and prep surfaces to maximize cooler space for any adventure, whether you're team YETI, Cabela, Orca, or Coleman.

  • 3 Compartments

    Dry Food Storage

    Clean Ice Storage

    Upright Beverage Storage

  • Multi-Use Lid

    Keeps Food Dry & Protected

    Helps Ice Last Longer

    Use As A Cutting Board

  • Innovative Design

    Durable, Impact Resistant Plastic

    Light Weight & Dishwasher Safe

    BPA Free

  • Organize Your Items

    Eliminates soggy food mess

    Separate your food and drinks

    Maximize your cooler space

JOEE Works With Many Great Coolers


Pack Smart For Any Trip

Easily maximize space to carry all the ingredients you need for good food on a day or weekend adventure - fishing, hunting, camping, or tailgaiting. Pack and organize better.

JOEE side table attached to left side of cooler (one of two side tables included)

No More Soggy Sandwiches!

Keep items in place (not jostled), even while off-roading. Three compartments separate dry and wet items so food stays dry and protected on the trail.

Hand adds sandwich in ziplock bag to a neatly packed cooler with assorted vegetables, beverages, and barbecue food items

Ice Lasts Longer With JOEE

We tested it. In a hard YETI cooler, ice lasted 13% longer with the JOEE. So stay out longer and still have fresh ice for drinks and keeping your food cool.

Hands add clean ice to whiskey glass using metal tongs.
JOEE is 100% BPA-Free and Designed, Tooled, and Manufactured in Colorado, USA

What People Are Saying About JOEE

This insert is amazing. Game changer for my camping trips!

American made! Love that food/drinks can be in different areas of the cooler. The size and being that its light weight is perfect. Great job!

Great idea!!! Especially for those who like to get a bit fancy on the outings.

Love the JOEE!! Love everything about it especially, how the food is able to stay dry in the chamber. Amazing product!!