ARE YOU READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS- JOEE says "No more soggy sandwiches!!"



While the inventors of JOEE are not into reinventing the wheel, neither is our marketing plan. Following the current sales of YETI into retailers is fairly common sense. Face to Face sales calls and product presentations to buyers and decision makers is a must.  JOEE is such a user friendly item, it is almost impossible not to smile about the simplicity of the item, as well as its usefulness at the campground.   JOEE’s ability to keep your food dry and edible, clean edible ice ready for your beverages and cutting boards for sandwich making is a special treat when space is limited. JOEE is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean as it is made from a 100% recycled BP free plastic.

What is great for JOEE and retailers, it plays well with Cabala’s, Canyon, Grizzly, Igloo, Orca, Bison, Esky, Coleman, K2, Dometic, Alaskan and many other top selling cooler’s. 

JOEE also allows food in the chamber to remain cold, even if the ice in the cooler melts.

JOEE, in the YETI 45 fits a 10lbs bag of ice perfectly, with 2 ½ inches in the bottom of the cooler and 10 cups of ice for your beverages.

JOEE can easily been sold in retail stores such as Ace Hardware, REI, Cabala’s, Bass Pro Shops and a host of other smaller independent shops and retailers.


Margin for the retailer

Why even bother selling JOEE? JOEE is the perfect accessory for your cooler and camping section. JOEE takes coolers to the next level and makes your investment more user friendly.

A nice shelf price of $59.98

Retailers are looking for new and exciting accessories and items to sell and JOEE fits the bill for YETI. Not only has JOEE set up in the best selling cooler brand, retailers realize excellent margins in YETI and JOEE allowing retailers to set up more floor space for the units, but allows retailers to make extra money on that floor space.


Future Products

On the drawing board is the JOEE Side table kit. It is a unit that fits all the same size coolers but has a side table attachment. It nests nicely inside the cooler so no other attachments have to be carried to the camp site. JOEE Accessories

For certain, JOEE accessories will be sold. We have designed a JOEE bottle opener out of the logo, a JOEE ice scoop and a separate strap which makes carrying JOEE a breeze. Now, you will never have to pack your 100 lbs cooler inside your house. You simply attach the strap, carry JOEE inside and pack it nice and tight. Your food will stay dry, your clean edible ice will be ready for you drinks and your beverages will be easy to grasp. No more freezing your hands digging through the ice.