ARE YOU READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS- JOEE says "No more soggy sandwiches!!"

Our Story


It all started with a soggy sandwich and an ATV.

Summers in the Colorado Rockies are always an adventure, and when you add a side by side to the mix, it becomes one wild ride. For one Colorado father and son team, every week was a great way to get out and enjoy some free time. But, on more than one occasion, their cooler became a problem.

A tale of soggy sandwiches, spilled food, and melted ice

After several outings, Gene and his son Caden were through with the cooler. The mess had left them tired, frustrated, and hungry. Gene had tried everything to make the cooler water proof, from double bagging the rubber banding the Tupperware. There had to be a better way.

Gene and his son went down and purchased some drafting paper, pencils and a ruler. It was game on!

Gene and Caden packing a cooler on the back of a RZR.


Imagine off-roading in the backcountry with a cooler in tow, knowing that the food you brought along is safely stored right where you put it. JOEE secures your food inside your cooler and protects dry ingredients from melted ice. Now, your cooler can be just as awesome on the inside as it is on the outside. 

The JOEE fits many major brands of coolers and makes them even better. It even comes with a handy lid that seconds as a very usable cutting board


With JOEE, you can make the average cooler a pack-worthy partner. Not only that, you can pack the JOEE inside the house, and leave the heavy cooler outside.


JOEE’s 3 Pillars

As a company, JOEE started as a solution to a product flaw that many Americans are familiar with. That solution has led us to continue working on new ideas and improving the company. In doing so, we have found that we have 3 pillars that drive this development of our organization.

We feel a strong loyalty to our customers, as we where born on Kickstarter, a place where many people from around the World go to gain acceptance and test new products. As a result, all of our advancements and alterations are tempered with the requirements to first and foremost always provide the best possible products at the best possible prices.

Having the best possible price on the market does not get you far if you do not have the best partners. That is why, here a JOEE, we will always partner with American companies and manufacture our goods right here at home in Colorado. We have managed to even partner with an American Tooling company, Visser Precision. Our Manufacturing process will be handled by America West Plastics. Our shipping and Fulfilment are also local, Peak Fulfilment.

We are strongly committed to the environment. JOEE was conceived in the pristine Rocky Mountains, in the state of Colorado. Gene and Caden are natives to the state. The team at JOEE is fully committed to reusable, recycled plastics when ever possible.

What comes next?

Our company is a living breathing organization and we will continue to grow, innovate and expand with the goal of providing new and improved products to our customers. Here at Team JOEE, we are committed to creating a new work environment that gives our employees better options and more opportunities to grow with in the organization. We are also very committed to our community and environment. We encourage all of our customers to reach out to us with comments and questions, watch our blog for new products and ideas.


Questions? We'd love to hear from you!